Villa Colline Toscane


Private Villa Extension and Refurbishment – 400 sq.m Florence
Photography: Pietro Savorelli

The villa is located in a dominant position and overlooks the surrounding countryside. It
originates from a previous rural dwelling and has been forcibly re-worked over the years, deprived of its earlier constructive features and renovated with visibly new materials into a more vernacular and rustic key.

The project has had as its prime objective the recovery of its relationship with the external environment by means of an entire re-distribution of its spaces in order to create optical cones inside the building facing the surrounding greenery and leaving the pre-existing openings almost intact.

The most significant intervention has been an extension of the living area facing the swimming pool which highlights the contemporary character of the Villa through absolute transparency achieved by the use of glass and windows of the utmost thinness. Even the interior finishes have contributed to the overall effect by careful chromatic control and the use of micro-cements and natural woods to create the right contrast between both the historical as well as the contemporary natures of the whole architectural intervention.