Piscina Carmignano


ph: Pietro Savorelli

The construction of the swimming pool was part and parcel of the completion of a larger intervention that involved the restoration of a farmhouse complex located in the centre of almost uncontaminated countryside in the hills of Prato, in Tuscany (see villa).
Respect for the surrounding landscape and the determination to emphasise its main morphological characteristics were the guiding principles of this intervention work, carried through to its conclusion without distorting the perception of the entire context. The slight slope of the land suggested the creation of a clean but decisive architectural mark, consisting of a long, dry stone wall made with local stone that accompanies and directs the longitudinal course of the pool without ever overhanging and penetrating into its interior. The use of natural stone for the walkways and lime-coloured plaster for the interior has made it possible to camouflage the stretch of water and contextualise the new insertions. The intervention also included the creation of a slightly raised relaxation area on a wooden deck shaded by sunshades and equipped with a cantilevered shower with a waterfall and a washbasin carved out of a single block of stone. The study of night lighting helped to emphasise the scenography of the project without ever dominating the surrounding environment.